Thursday, May 18, 2017

Encouragement Circle - Creating POSITIVITY

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Today... in class, we sat in a circle and give everyone a piece of paper and pen.  Each person wrote their name at the top of the piece of paper, then passed it to the person on their left.  Each person then wrote one or two (or more) positive characteristics about the person who's name is at the top of the paper. After 30-60 seconds, everyone passed the pieces of paper around to their left again.  This continued until everyone has written on everyone else's paper. The final step was that everyone received their piece of paper back again to read all of the great comments .

The kids had great time and really enjoyed reading the responses from their peers. It was great to see the class come together for 50 minutes and think positively & work together.

Monday, May 15, 2017

7th Grade Field Day

It is FIELD DAY for the seventh graders! The students are not the only ones excited for the day. As a 7th grade teacher, I look forward to all of the fun to be had at field day! 

Seventh grade Field Day was Monday, May 15th... 

The seventh grade teachers had fun spending time outside with the students by participating in some of the fun activities.


Thank you to Coach Thornsberry and Coach Krodinger for a great field day!